Owain K presents KTRL – Lessons EP

200 Records

Owain K presents KTRL – Lessons EP

  • Release date: 2013-06-28
  • Label: 200 Records
  • Catalog #: 200022

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    Better Late Than Never

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Taking to the turntables was a natural progression for Bristol born DJ and producer Owain K (Owain Kimber) after discovering bootleg mix-tapes as a youngster in 1991. Coming from a musical family and encouraged to play the violin and saxophone, Owain draws on a variety of musical influences from Soul and Jazz, to Hip Hop and Punk, which he likes to express in his productions and tightly blended DJ sets.

Expressing his vision for the deeper spectrum of techno and hi-tech soul, Owain steps back into his [KTRL] guise to follow up his debut release on 200. “Lessons EP” is split over 3 parts and commences with “Live”, an uplifting groove with plenty of summer aesthetics; touches of ambient melody and driving bass. With equal influences of dub and melancholia, “Love” is powerfully driven piece that captures both mood and dance floors to great effect, whilst “Learn” gently marries pulsating electronics and cosmic vibes to bring the chapter to a close. Remember, life is one big school…

Owain K presents KTRL TITLE: Lessons EP

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