Owain K presents KTRL – Colonius EP

200 Records

Owain K presents KTRL – Colonius EP

  • Release date: 2012-05-28
  • Label: 200 Records
  • Catalog #: 200019

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Having been invited by Dirk and Kai (founders of 200 Records) to play their infamous 200 Club party @Studio 672 last September, Owain K not only left the city with new friends but also took away a lasting impression which inspired him to start a new project [KTRL]. Expressing his vision and love for deeper techno and hi-tech soul, the “Colonius EP” is his first step on this journey.

Title track A1 “Colonius” brings together brash filtered rhythms, towering chords, haunting melodies and pumping bass – a jam of epic proportions.  Followed by the smooth chords of “Aufstieg” on A2, this deeply soul fuelled ride sweeps you to the next level. Inspired by the classic sounds of Lil Louis, flipside B1 “Bützchen” pays homage to a true school master with its warm embrace and layered melodies.  Finishing off in style, the old school vibes of B2 “Offen” makes way for a slow bass driven groove that builds through dub influenced synth washes and filtered sweeps.

Owain K presents KTRL – Colonius EP

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