200 – The Mix Compilation

200 Records

200 – The Mix Compilation

  • Release date: 2011-02-21
  • Label: 200 Records
  • Catalog #: 200CD01

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    200 – The Mix Compilation

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1. RaucherEcke: Libido 200

2. Sarah Goldfarb: Breaking Down Remix

3. Soukie & Windish: Sun Wanted

4. Mueller & Mitch: Careless

5. BlackIsBeautiful: Pergamon (Henson’s Return To Pergamon Mix)

6. RaucherEcke: Chordhose (Marcel Janovsky Remix)

7. BlackIsBeautiful: Purpur (Einmusik Remix)

8. Till Krüger: Wumme

9. BlackIsBeautiful: Purpur

10. BlackIsBeautiful: Purpur (SCSI-9 Remix)

11. Till Krüger: Wrong Shirt

Additionally, the CD includes a download sticker to provide all customers with free full-length original tracks plus a single-file version of the mix.

Mixed and compiled by Dirk Middeldorf & Kai Sasse with a little help from Marcel Janovsky. Mastering by Emanuel Geller. Artwork by empp.de

After 2 years and 10 releases 200 Records releases their first CD – a mix compilation with 11 tracks, mixed and compiled by the label owners Kai Sasse and Dirk Middeldorf.

It contains the first 200 release Libido 200 by RaucherEcke, Sarah Goldfarb’s “Breaking Down Remix”, the summer hits “Sun Wanted” by Soukie & Windish and “Careless” by Mueller & Mitch, Henson’s great remix of BlackIsBeautiful’s “Pergamon” and Marcel Janovsky’s perfect rework of RaucherEcke’s “Chordhose”.

The remixes of BlackIsBeautiful’s “Purpur” by Einmusik and SCSI-9 as well as the originals are also included.

Till Krüger’s smasher “Wumme” and “Wrong Shirt” are for the second time on a mix CD after Sven Väth had chosen them for his “Sound of Season” CD in autumn 2010.

200 – The Mix Compilation

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