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Paul Nacza

PAUL NAZCA is an unconventionnal DJ based in the South of France. He was born and still lives near Arles, amongst the century-old olive trees grown by his family. He is a simple person who transcends the ages and fashions. Like an olive tree, he is never uprooted.

,At this stage of his career, spanning more than ten years at this point, PAUL has written his own page in the history of electronic music. He was a co-founder of the label SCANDIUM records and has released tracks on a number of labels including Kompakt, B Pitch Control, Boxer, F.U.Fcom and more recently on Skryptöm, Sleaze and Analytic Trail. He has evolved but has always remained loyal to his beliefs.

In 2011, Paul joined forces with Maxime Dangles and Florian Combe. Together, they founded SIGN INDUSTRY, a new label that embodies the evolution of Scandium records nurrished by this new collaboration.

Paul’s productions always come from old analog machines associated to cutting edge technology. He always prioritises the use of machines rather than virtual instruments when he composes. His home studio includes 80% of analog machines.

“NAZCA” is not the product of a style, but of a separation between eclectic and pure techno productions. His aim is not to release tracks using a different stage name to target a wider audience but to centre his techno tracks around the label Anemone based on an exclusivity agreement.

Paul doesn’t care about his personal exposure. It is music that matters and should be exposed, not the producer.

200 Records Release:

Verdy EP (200 031)