9 Years 200 · Aril Brikha Live · 200 Rave Legends

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9 Years 200 · Aril Brikha Live · 200 Rave Legends



Aril Brikha

Sebastian Habben

Alex Aue

Sebastian Kratzke


Robin Feldmann

Dirk Middeldorf


Samstag, 21.4.2018, 24 Uhr, Odonien, Hornstraße 85, 50823 Köln

20 Years now Aril Brikha is traveling around the world with one mission: spreading the idea of Trance for Adults. With a wink, he wants to enhance a genre, which is on the menus of the connoisseurs not so often. Of course, his music is not really trance. To be honest we can’t even say, whether this is techno or house. But who cares? We don’t. We are celebrating 9 Years 200 in Cologne’s famous underground off-location „Odonien“.

Local support comes from Cologne’s best resident Sebastian Habben (I’m in Love, Stardub, 200 Records) and one of our younger talented DJs: Alex Aue (Topic Drift).

The 200 residents Sebastian Kratzke, Mosch, Robin Feldmann and Dirk Middeldorf are setting the scene in the right light.


Tickets 13,50 Euro incl. fees: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1076544

Box office: 15 Euro

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