6884 – “The Impostor Syndrome” out now!

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6884 – “The Impostor Syndrome” out now!

Still thrilled by the positive feedback collected by his previous EP, 200 recent discovery 6884 is back with three more tracks that sample his polyhedric taste, and still remain well rooted in the realm of his deep, emotional sound we learnt to love so much already.

This new collection of tunes, a further step out in the real world for the Cologne-based artist, is another declaration of intent as well as identity: whether in the broken funk of “The Impostor Syndrome”, in the scattered synth notes floating through “It’s Not Me, It’s You” or in the deep bass rolling in “Leap of Faith”, the 6884-persona gets at the same time more clear and uncertain, proving the multidimensionality of the guy behind the number in a world of flat copy-paste productions and ready-for-consumption dancefloor trends.




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Written and produced by Stefano Ugliano, mastered by Emanuel Geller at Salz Mastering, artwork by empp.de, photo by Stefano Ugliano.