Out now! Scsi-9 Pheotron/Midnight Red

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Out now! Scsi-9 Pheotron/Midnight Red

Like Scsi-9 as such always was a “neverthing” but still existed, so Pheotron minds a future synth which lives just in our head. It is from there that we take, line by line, those melodies which join to a track.

Midnight Red is a result you get when opening a bottle of red sharply at midnight. You must be in front of your gear then. At least, it worked for us that way.

Our relationship with Scsi-9 goes a long way back. It started with a remix, back then in 2009 – still one of the best tracks we ever released: BlackIsBeautiful Purpur Scsi-9 Remix. We invited them several times to Cologne and did the first EP together three years ago.

And now, we are going back to vinyl finally and doing this strong 12“ together.

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Written and produced by Maxim Milyutenko and Anton Kubikov, mastered by Emanuel Geller at Salz Mastering, artwork by Frischvergiftung.