Fugitive Sense – “From the Other Side” out now!

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Fugitive Sense

Fugitive Sense – “From the Other Side” out now!

Kölsch: Amazing Release! *****
Karotte: Not for me. **


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The ship on our cover artwork was on a dodgy mission to the Greek island of Zákinthos in the mid-80ies. Loaded with weed and steered by an Italian crew with a Greek skipper, their goal was to unload the drugs secretly to the island in a night action. Unfortunately, they ran into shallows and got stuck, and so got spotted by the coast guards. The coast guards captured both the crew and the load but also were unable to free the ship. Since then the wreck lies there on the shore and has become a tourist attraction and rusty bulletin board.

Fugitive Sense is a new solo spinoff for Maxim Milyutenko, known to the scene since 2000 by numerous releases with his SCSI-9 project.

With Fugitive Sense, he is testing deep house, dub techno and experimental leftfields of electronica, producing his tunes with analogue gear and playing gigs with his modular synth.

After appearances on compilations this “From the Other Side” EP on 200 Records marks a statement with three deep, dubby tunes. And feels like returning home.

Written and produced by Maxim Milyutenko, mastered by Emanuel Geller at Salz Mastering, artwork by empp.de, photo by Maxim Milyutenko.