Till Krüger – Wrong Shirt EP

200 Records

Till Krüger – Wrong Shirt EP

  • Release date: 2010-05-31
  • Label: 200 Records
  • Catalog #: 200007

  • 1

    Wrong Shirt

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  • 2


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  • 3

    Le Fumoir

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  • 4

    Redundance (Download Only)

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  • 5

    Artificial Limestone (Download Only)

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With its 7th release, 200 Records introduces a new artist – Till Krüger from Stuttgart, Germany. Till did a stunning release for 200 Records. “Wrong Shirt EP” is his debut – highly influenced by the basic structure of the Detroit sound and artists like Joris Voorn, Alexander Kowalski or Jeff Mills. Wrong Shirt is both a deep and a forward pushing Detroit Techno hymn. With Wumme (German slang for “gun”), Till did a majestic techno “brett” which turns over to deepness at its best. Le Fumoir shows perfectly why Jazz and Techno belong together. Finally, the digital-only bonus tracks “Redundance” and “Artificial Limestone” think the Wrong Shirt Detroit Techno idea to an end.


Till Krüger – Wrong Shirt EP

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