200 Records


Our demo policy:

Please send us your best track as a MP3 with 320 kbps or WAV to (full-length!). Please use Soundcloud, Sendspace, Dropbox, Wetransfer or equal.

Please don’t share DJ or live mixes to us!

Please don’t share public tracks to us! Most of the labels don’t want to release tracks, which were public before.

Please engage in our label and think twice, if your sound really fits to us. We are a deep techno & house label, which releases tracks for the club. Our releases are reflecting the artist’s sound as well as the label’s sound. We appreciate demo tracks exclusively produced for 200 Records.

If you don’t get feedback within 7 days, we are not interested in releasing your tracks. We don’t respond to every email.

Thanks for your understanding.

Kai & Dirk