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Sarah Goldfarb

Behind the female pseudonym of Sarah Goldfarb hides a male artist living in Marseille, France.

Since 1994, Sarah Goldfarb has organized numerous parties with local techno collectives inspired by North-American pioneers such as Richie Hawtin, Jeffs Mills, Carl Craig and their direct heirs Baby Ford, Ricardo Villalobos, Robag Wruhme, Luciano or Someone Else. The refined structures and the contained tempo of this minimal scene fascinated the DJ and LIVE artist, even before now-famous labels such as Treibstoff, Trapez and Dumb Unit adopted this sound, which is now being played on all (good) European dance-floors. In 2001, Jean Vince, now recognized as one of the best local DJs, bought his first machines. While his DJ sets oscillate between minimal house and techno, his productions are a subtle mix between micro house and hypnotic techno.

For his productions Jean Vince chose the pseudonym of Sarah Goldfarb, which is the name of the amphetamined grandmother in Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream, a movie which posed an aesthetic shock to this movie enthusiast. In fact, Sarah Goldfarb obtained a degree in film studies before dedicating his talent entirely to electronic music.

However, being a freedom lover, in 2005 Jean Vince also helped create a new on-line label in his city,, releasing free tracks and taking inspiration from the creative common licence philosophy. A second label, Roman Photo, was founded a few months later with some of his friends, after meeting the great and aspiring American artist Someone Else. It was then Someone Else who contributed the first smashing Roman Photo release, definitely a very good and promising start.

In July 2009, Sarah Goldfarb releases his first EP (“Too Slow”) on the Cologne-based techno label “200”.

In addition, Sarah Goldfarb is working on his upcoming album, which will be released in fall 2009 on Treibstoff Rec., Cologne.

200 Records Releases:

Too Slow