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Christoph Ahrens popularly known as Pazul, born 1982 in Hamburg Germany, is an electronic music Producer and DJ and for over more than ten years now. He presented his music in different countries and has a multiplicity of own tracks and publications in his repertoire.

For his recent project “Pazul”, he harvests respect and acknowledgment of considerable Techno and House DJs around the globe. After the „Pace EP “, which appeared on the canadian label Ready Mix Records, the „Flip Flop EP“ followed, published on the young label EleFlight Records from Lithuania.

Beside the two EPs there is another Song, a Remix of „Sticks & Stones“ from Philthy Phonics, which is on Ready Mix Records represented.

The way remains the goal – whether this leads directly on the dancefloor or takes in the music armchair place, decides the listener all alone.

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