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Ümit Han and Tim Dicke simply have one goal on the postmodern playground of electronic music art: black sound. Dirty, criminal and unconventional – and brutally honest at the same time.

Their deep connection to analogue art can be heard and experienced in their musical creations and their live performances. Inspired by machines’ aesthetics, they create polymorph sound syntheses coming from current sources. Noise-friendly sound fragments. Tension-steered, loaded with energy, attracting gravity. The foundation hides sizzling and scraping sounds of the technically versed music machines. Electrosphere!

Blackisbeautiful pull their musical approach out of honest chance. Lively, unpredictable, unreproducible. Ideas can be found in – as they call it – opportunistic vanguard. Occasional field recording and sampling in exactly this or another moment. Real-time art powered by childlike curiosity and an esoteric desire to experiment.

Self-confident simplicity and collective spontaneity cross their monochrome sound worlds and hypnotically lead from momentary fascination into the eternal moment. Colourful moments within black melodies!

BlackIsBeautiful broke up in 2010. Ümit Han is continuing his musical journey.

200 Records Releases:

Pergamon / 1979

Purpur Remixes

Alérion / Purpur

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